The Gardentub must be placed on tiles, because there is a risk of the grass sagging when the Gardentub is placed on the grass. If you still decide to place the Gardentub on the grass, then this is at your own risk. 

Filling the Gardentub 

Fill the Gardentub simply and quick with the garden hose (18 minutes), or order the faucet and/or shower. If you buy the faucet and/or shower with the Gardentub, you can connect it to the garden hose using a Gardena coupling under the bath. If you do not buy a faucet or shower with it, then you can also fill the bath directly with the garden hose. 

Emptying the Gardentub 

The Gardentub can be emptied in different ways. 

Way 1 

Place a well under the Gardentub that has a direct drain. 

Way 2

Connect the garden hose to the appropriate garden hose coupling under the Gardentub and let it run to a drain. 

Way 3 

Connect a drip hose to the garden hose coupling under the Gardentub. The water from the Gardentub can now be reused to water the lawn or plants. 

Mounting faucet 

Mounting shower