Below you find the most frequently asked questions (f.a.q) anwsered for you. If your question is not yet anwsered feel free to contact us info@gardentub.com 

Are the faucet and shower included with the purchase of a Gardentub? 

No, both the faucet and shower must be purchased separately if you want them.

Can I connect a different brand of faucet or shower to the Gardentub? 

No, this is not possible, because the faucet, faucet connector, shower and shower connector have been specially designed for the Gardentub. 

Does the consumer have to drill the hole for the faucet and shower himself? 

Yes, the consumer must indeed drill the hole for the faucet and/or shower himself. However, to make this go as easy as possible for the consumer, it is indicated on the Gardentub where the hole should be drilled and a hole saw is included with the purchase.